Utopias of the Third Kind

Utopias of the Third Kind

Utopias of the Third Kind (2022), published by PM Press

One of contemporary SF’s most original and compelling voices, Vandana Singh is a professor of physics who weaves the ancient wisdom of her native India and the hard truths of quantum science into stories that speak to the complex wonders of today’s world. This collection includes both her fiction and her report on the Utopian experiments that are finding new ways to save our unraveling dystopia. Published by PM Press.

Praise for Vandana Singh:

“Lovely! What a pleasure this book is…full of warmth, compassion, affection, high comedy and low.”
Molly Gloss, author of The Hearts of Horses

“Vandana Singh’s radiant protagonist is a planet unto herself.”
Village Voice

“Singh mixes mathematical, artistic, and sociocultural speculation in a way that feels holistic precisely because it is aware of where those different domains intersect and interact.”
Niall Harrison, host of Torque Control

“…the first writer of Indian origin to make a serious mark in the SF world…she writes with such a beguiling touch of the strange.”
Nilanjana Roy, Business Standard

Header Image Credit: NASA/CXC/RIKEN/T. Sato et al.; NuSTAR: NASA/NuSTAR)

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